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Hey there strangers

Hey peeps,

I apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have a good reason honest, but I know how annoying it can be to keep checking a blog and they can’t be bothered updating!

Anyway I haven’t been cooking at all for the past couple of months.  That is due to the fact that I fell pregnant and the morning sickness made it impossible to be around food let alone even think about cooking it!  I am now getting better and can now even look at pictures of food without wanting to run away to the toilet!

As I am now starting to get better I most certainly don’t want to start piling on the weight by eating for 2 so I am going to force myself to get back to cooking healthy meals again!  Plus due to the morning sickness I am now at my lightest for a long time and certainly don’t want to ruin that.

Sooooo tonight is the second time I am going to cook since I stopped feeling so sick and it is going to be a nice new recipe for the blog.  I love this recipe but my partner doesn’t so since I have the house to myself I am going to try and make it and see how I get on.  So expect another post either tonight or tomorrow and I fully intend to start posting again regularly.

Thanks for being so patient….



Sorry guys, due to the worst headache that I couldn’t shake I had to go straight to bed when I got in from work yesterday therefore no new post.  I will cook over the weekend though and will post that.  Sorry.

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Friendly warning

Hey guys,

I have decided to try and change the blog about a bit as I don’t just cook “diet” food and want to be able to show all the recipes I make.  So until I can figure out how to segregate the good and bad recipes, so you won’t go off the rails if you are looking for good for you recipes and stumble across one of my devilishly bad recipes, I will keep this warning at the top of the page.

Feel free to have a good look around and remember everyone needs a treat sometimes!!

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The plan going forward

Well I have been very lazy at writing everything down lately, I have been very good this week though and am definately within my syns but I think it helps when I have a visual aid of what I have done to look back on 🙂  So that means you are now going to be subjected to my food diaries a little more often!

Oh and how exciting, for anyone that isn’t on Minimins or reads Vicky’s blog then you might not know but she contacted Slimming World about a wholemeal pizza base/bread mix that could be used (within weight limits) as a Healthy Extra, which means I can now have pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How fab is that, I have been dying to make pizza for a few weeks just now but didn’t want to waste the syns.  But now I can as I can deduct my HEB worth of syns from my base and use my HEA as my cheese allowance meaning I can have a proper pizza with hardly any syns. Wooooo hoooo.  Can you tell I’m excited???????  So pizza will definately be on the menu this weekend, and I will post pics to prove it!!!!!

So the plan for this weekend is to be as good as possible which means no junk and minimal drinking.  Now I could be angelic and not have any booze this weekend but where is the fun in that I ask you????  So I will be very careful and make sure I stick within my allowance and see if that makes any difference on Thursday as we all know I am only bad at the weekends 😉

Oh and I am ashamed to say I missed my weigh in this week, but I have a good excuse 😉  I didn’t want to leave the dog in on her own this year.  The older she gets the more skittish so I thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave her.  Thats my excuse and I am sticking to it 😉

So anyway enough prattling on this is the food plan for the next couple of days!


Breakfast –

Fruit Salad and mullerlight yogurt

Snack –

Alpen light HEB

Lunch –

Baked potato with home made veg curry (1 syn as I got alot more out of that batch of curry than I thought I would)

Snack –

Alpen light HEB

Dinner –

Bangers and mash with onion gravy and peas. 1 1/2 syns for 3 sausages, 2 syns for the gravy and HEA for milk for the mashed potato’s.  Sooooo 3 1/2 syns for dinner, ideal!

Syns for the day – 4 1/2 Syns


Breakfast –

Bacon, beans, 1 sausage, mushrooms and scrambled egg – 1/2 syn

Lunch –

Some kind of homemade soup probably

Dinner –

Homemade pizza baby – Will update the syns once I make it and figure it all out

Snacks – Some vodka and diet coke, if that can be called a snack 😉

No idea what Sunday will entail yet but I will update as soon as I think of it 😀

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Okay well I had another awful weekend, I ate and drank everything I shouldn’t have but as I will always say I didn’t regret it.  I had a great time but I have also realised that I need to make a real effort to stick to this diet, so I can finally see if it works for me or not.  And that means following the plan 100%, no flexible syn weekends just stick to the plan 100%.  Measure everything and stop being a greedy fat b****rd 😉

So anyway I wasn’t feeling to hot yesterday, had a bit of a dicky belly so wasn’t particularly bad yesterday but wasn’t great either.  The only good part of my day last night was my dinner which was pretty damn good but was high in syns a whole 10 of them.  But you can have a look for yourself and see if you think it was worth it.  I will admit though, I probably needed to add a wee touch of chicken stock to the sauce as it was just a touch bland but I still enjoyed it.  So I made chicken enchiladas, the recipe for which can be found here,  and as I was really hungry I decided to have two.  BUT I did use Weight Watchers tortilla wraps which come in at 5 syns each which isn’t too bad, and as I was doing extra easy everything else was free including the sauce.  You really should try these but will warn you if you don’t like overly spicy food dial back on the chilli powder 😉

So here it is, drumroll please (I think they look that good):

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Chicken Enchiladas served

Now these are the cakes I made during the week for the little get together at my friends house on Friday night, and I have to say they went down really well.  They are NOT diet cakes though, but I thought they looked pretty so I wanted to share them with you.  Plus I am of the mindset that you can’t be good all of the time 😉  If you want to make these you can find the recipe here:

Yummy chocolatey goodness

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Sooooooo excited

Okay now I have been trying to contain myself since yesterday but I haven’t been very sucessful at all.  I am proud that I have been able to manage about a day and a half before posting on here though.

Well here it goes………………………….. I GOT TICKETS TO MICHAEL BUBLE IN MAY – woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo

OMG I think than man is sex on legs, this will be my third time going to see him and I am taking my best friend with me this time, it is going to be soooo good.  And the best bit???  I will only be 6 rows away from the man himself.

Sooooooooooo now I have a goal!!!  I would love to wear something lovely to the concert ( we will be going out afterwards) and I think this will now be my goal.  Apart from my holiday in January but that doesn’t really count as it is family and I have pretty realistic expectations around christmas and stuff so I figured if I can be extra good and based on my losses I can have realistically moved about 20 – 25 pounds (maybe more with me going to the gym but don’t want to be disappointed) which is just under 2 stone.  Which would probably make me a comfortable size 12-14.  I would prefer to be slimmer but I can’t complain because I am getting to eat and socialise on this diet and I think that if I aim for this then I won’t be disappointed.  If I lose more then it will be an added bonus 😀

So what do you think peeps, doable???????

Oh and here is a couple of pictures of the man himself that I took the last time I saw him 😉



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Getting there

Well as I said before I think I am back on track.  This was the planner for yesterday and today.

Yesterday –


Fruit Salad

Mullerlight yogurt


Tomato mugshot


Lentil and bacon homemade soup


Lentil and bacon soup


Britmum’s lasagne – 2 Syns

2 slices garlic bread – 5 Syns


Syns for the day 7



Fruit Salad

Mullerlight yoghurt


Alpen light – HEB


Tomato and herb pasta n sauce

Diet coke


Alpen light – HEB


Vegetable Curry – Will post recipe later (probably about 4 syns for this)


Syns for the day – not sure yet 😀

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Todays planner

A little late I know but it has taken me forever to think about what to have for dinner tonight 😀


Fruit salad

Mullerlight vanilla and choc yogurt


Sweet and sour mugshot – not that great 😦


Baked potato with baked beans


Alpen light choc orange bar – 3 Syns


Homemade beef burgers with cheese, bacon and bbq sauce and slimming world chips – 1 HEB(wholemeal roll), 1 HEA(cheese)

Syns today – 3 (Trying to make up for all the badness this weekend!)  This might also change as may need some breadcrumbs for burgers.  Will update if need be.


Well I added a slice of wholemeal bread as breadcrumbs to the burgers with an egg to bind it so that is 2 1/2 syns but since I made 6 burgers out of the mixture I will add 1/2 a syn for that.  Also I had an extra roll as I was starving and stuffed a laughing cow extra light into one of them so I will add 8 1/2 to be safe so total for the day was – 12 syns


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