Back for good!

20 Jan

Hey guys,

Please forgive the cheesy Take That lyric but I figured it was a pretty good description of what is happening right now.  Scarily I realised today that is is almost 2 years (minus a week) since I last posted on this blog.  A lot has happened since then and I am now finally ready to get back on this weight loss journey and finally get to a place where I feel happier in myself!

Well let me see what have I done since I have been away??? Hmmm well I had a baby who is now growing up to be a gorgeous and precocious little girl, I have finished my graduate program and am now a fully fledged geek and have finally decided that now is the time I am going to make changes to my life.

There are a few changes that I want to make but the main and most important one at this time is to start eating healthier and start living a bit healthier.  I already cook lots of lovely and healthy meals for my daughter so now it is time for me to extend that a bit more and take a closer look at what I have been/am going to eat.

I have decided to go back to Slimming World as I love the program and it is ridiculously easy to follow and I will start posting up new recipes, with pictures of course, of all the wonderful food I am going to be eating.

I seriously doubt that anyone that used to check this blog still does but that doesn’t matter, this is a record for me and I just hope that it can be of some use to other people!

Well that’s it for just now but I will post another blog later with details of the fabulousness that will be my dinner tonight – philli chicken.

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