The plan going forward

06 Nov

Well I have been very lazy at writing everything down lately, I have been very good this week though and am definately within my syns but I think it helps when I have a visual aid of what I have done to look back on 🙂  So that means you are now going to be subjected to my food diaries a little more often!

Oh and how exciting, for anyone that isn’t on Minimins or reads Vicky’s blog then you might not know but she contacted Slimming World about a wholemeal pizza base/bread mix that could be used (within weight limits) as a Healthy Extra, which means I can now have pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How fab is that, I have been dying to make pizza for a few weeks just now but didn’t want to waste the syns.  But now I can as I can deduct my HEB worth of syns from my base and use my HEA as my cheese allowance meaning I can have a proper pizza with hardly any syns. Wooooo hoooo.  Can you tell I’m excited???????  So pizza will definately be on the menu this weekend, and I will post pics to prove it!!!!!

So the plan for this weekend is to be as good as possible which means no junk and minimal drinking.  Now I could be angelic and not have any booze this weekend but where is the fun in that I ask you????  So I will be very careful and make sure I stick within my allowance and see if that makes any difference on Thursday as we all know I am only bad at the weekends 😉

Oh and I am ashamed to say I missed my weigh in this week, but I have a good excuse 😉  I didn’t want to leave the dog in on her own this year.  The older she gets the more skittish so I thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave her.  Thats my excuse and I am sticking to it 😉

So anyway enough prattling on this is the food plan for the next couple of days!


Breakfast –

Fruit Salad and mullerlight yogurt

Snack –

Alpen light HEB

Lunch –

Baked potato with home made veg curry (1 syn as I got alot more out of that batch of curry than I thought I would)

Snack –

Alpen light HEB

Dinner –

Bangers and mash with onion gravy and peas. 1 1/2 syns for 3 sausages, 2 syns for the gravy and HEA for milk for the mashed potato’s.  Sooooo 3 1/2 syns for dinner, ideal!

Syns for the day – 4 1/2 Syns


Breakfast –

Bacon, beans, 1 sausage, mushrooms and scrambled egg – 1/2 syn

Lunch –

Some kind of homemade soup probably

Dinner –

Homemade pizza baby – Will update the syns once I make it and figure it all out

Snacks – Some vodka and diet coke, if that can be called a snack 😉

No idea what Sunday will entail yet but I will update as soon as I think of it 😀

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