27 Oct

Well peeps, I have been slacking big time.  Not sticking to plan, eating what I wanted, drinking what I wanted and generally not giving a damn.

Now I am not happy at myself but I just can’t seem to muster enough enthusiasm to care enough.  I don’t want to be like this and I certainly don’t want to keep eating and drinking like this.  I just have to figure out why I am in such a funk.  If I can figure that out then I will be part of the way to making things better, or so I hope!!!!

I know for definate that work is mainly the reason for me feeling so down, I am trying to make that better but it is all pretty much out of my hands.  I can only persevere and hope that things start to pick up.  But I have made the decision that it will not get me down!!!!!  If I don’t let it then it can’t can it???

Positive mental attitude, I always hear people spouting on about it.  Does it actually work?? Well I am about to find out, if I can’t change the things that are bringing me down at the moment then I just won’t let them get me down.  I can focus on the positive aspects of my life and hopefully it will help.

So I am now going to sit and try and figure out my meal plan for the rest of the week, if I plan what I am going to have I tend to do better.  I will starting making new recipes and will post them and pics for you to look at as I know you come here for the food and not for me 😉

Wish me luck people 😀

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Posted by on October 27, 2009 in Musings


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