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12 Oct

Thought it would help if I actually list here what I eat in a day, that way I can see if there are any potential problem areas 😀  EE day (as they all are at the moment)


2 slices wholemeal toast (400g loaf) HEB

1 tbsp Can’t believe its not butter light – 2 1/2 syns

1 Egg cooked in fry light


Fruit salad – Pineapple, strawberrys, grapes, redcurrants

Muller light – vanilla and chocolate


Tomato Batchelors Pasta & Sauce

Diet coke


Alpen chocolate and Fudge bar – 3 syns


Easy stuffed baked potato’s recipe hereHEA & 1 1/2 syns

So that should be both healthy extras used and a total of  7 syns.  God I hope I am doing this right…..

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