This lovely lovely weekend…

12 Oct

Well what can I say, I had  fabulous weekend.  Very very relaxing and lots of good food.  I will admit to having a wee bit of a drink on Saturday night whilst playing singstar so I was definately over my syns but I had been very good all week and I was still very good with my food this weekend so I am not too worried.  Still hoping to get three trips to the gym in before weigh in on Thursday too, hopefully this exercise I am doing will finally start to show with a move on the scales.  It’s all cardio so I shouldn’t be building muscle, but time will tell I guess.

Anyhoo I decided to make lasagne on Saturday night and decided to use a recipe on a blog which I check every day, her food always looks amazing and I have to say I was very pleased with the results.  The lasagne was very easy to make, very tasty and there was plenty to go around.  Had the rest for lunch on Sunday 😉  You can find the recipe here and this is how it turned out, my oven was probably a touch too hot but it still worked out really well:

Scrummy lasagne

Scrummy lasagne

So how could I possibly follow the Saturday night lasagne as it was sooo yummy I hear you ask???  Well it was a curry that I posted the recipe for the other day Gorgeous Lamb, chickpea and spinach curry, recipe here.  It was so easy to make and was delicious.  I probably put a tad too much chilli powder in it but it was still yummy and I ate the entire portion.  Served with some boiled rice and Slimming World chips, hmmm damn it getting hungry now 😉

Gorgeous lamb, chickpea and spinach curry

Gorgeous lamb, chickpea and spinach curry

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