05 Oct

Oh my god I was dying on Sunday, nothing less than I deserved after drinking so much the night before 😦  But I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  My OH came through to pick me up in Edinburgh as we had a few errands to run.  On the way home, and on my way back to my gym induction I might add, we stopped at a van for something to eat and I had, wait for it………. CHIPS AND CURRY SAUCE.  What the hell was I thinking?  It wasn’t even that nice but you know what it is like when you have a hangover and all your body is screaming for is grease.  Well I ate it, felt sick coming back in the car and then had to run to make my appointment at the gym.  I had been waiting a week for this appointment so I couldn’t cancel 😦

Luckily Chris, my instructor, took pity on me and let me take it easy.  So I made it through the hour long semi-torture and now I have my routine for the gym sorted for the next 4 weeks.  First day, Monday!

Well after the gym I walked on very shaky legs to go and get some supplies for dinner and then headed up the road.  Promptly jumped into bed and whiled away the afternoon watching films.  I watched the Freedom Writers, which I am currently reading, and I have to say it was fantastic.  I think I had a lump in my throat the entire time, I thoroughly recommend, if you have time, you watch this film!

Anyway after an afternoon of feeling sorry for myself I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to make dinner.  I made chilli, the recipe for which can be found here.  I decided since I was “ill” I needed comfort food so I decided to make some mashed potato’s to go with the chilli.  I know it sounds wrong but I tell you when you don’t feel great it is fantastic!  Add some half fat cheddar and this is what you get:


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