05 Oct

Well what can I say about Saturday, it was a disaster but a good disaster 🙂

I had a night out which had been planned for weeks, a friend was coming up from London for a concert and we arranged to meet up and go for dinner and then out on the town after the gig.

So the morning started really well, I made a big breakfast of quorn sausages(yuck), 2 slices of bacon, a dry fried egg, a couple of big mushrooms and some beans.  Apart from the sausages it was pretty good, and again didn’t feel like a diet meal:

Big brekkie

I then had a pasta and sauce for lunch so I didn’t snack before dinner.

Dinner was then a steak and 7 chilli sauce with rice from a little Mexican in Edinburgh called Coconut Grove.  I have been there before and it was really nice but it used to be better.  To wash down dinner I shared a bottle of white wine, which was really nice.  This is when it started to go down hill.  I didn’t eat anything else but I am pretty sure I drank my considerable weight in Wine and Vodka, so I have probably used all my syns for the week.  Oh well, it was bad but oh so good 😀

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